Thursday, January 31, 2013

2nd I come!

Yep, I've reached my second trimester and I haven't written a blog post in a really long time. Sorry 'bout that. Pregnancy makes you forget EVERYTHING! Here is a list of a few things that have changed or developed (read: ramblings):

  • Pooping is easier..I KNOW you all wanted to know that!
  • The morning sickness all-day nausea (progesterone poisoning) has eased up some. Only nauseous now when I don't get enough sleep or enough to eat.
  • I'm distracted ALL the time. Like right now...I'm supposed to be writing a thesis statement for a Literature paper...haven't even read the material or requirements.
  • My hair is still falling out in huge clumps...not cool! I thought it was supposed to get thicker and shinier.
  • I'm hot all the time. I'm currently wearing a night shirt and undies. It's only 46°F outside.
  • I am never comfortable at night and can't sleep most of the time. I sleep with 5 pillows, two huge stuffed caterpillars (which double as pillows) and a very loud snoring husband.
  • Everything makes me hungry...or nauseous. If people are talking about food on Facebook...I get the munchies. If people are talking about gross stuff (bacon-wrapped deep-fried snickers) I get nauseous.
  • I have completed my Babies 'R' Us Registry, including online and going into the store with the hubby. Scanning stuff is fun!
  • I went through the baby clothes for boy and girl last night ( I have all of my sister's son and daughters' hand-me-downs) and took out enough outfits for at the hospital and the first week at home. Since we aren't finding out the gender of our little "acorn," I want to be prepared. (Yes, at three months!)
  • My dog (who was supposed to have been spayed) is in heat. That is so gross.
  • My main blog, Honey Bunches of "Oaks" is still sporting a Christmas layout. I will soon remedy that....hopefully.
  • Between my sister and I, there are at least 20 pregnant friends/acquaintances on FB.
  • It is almost three o'clock and I have accomplished absolutely nothing today...
I hope all you other preggos out there are doing well. As I have only one follower ATM, and she is my Bestie...I doubt there is even anyone reading this. But have a great day Jaybee!