Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 23: Nesting

Y'all know that I have no concentration right now, right!? Barely even remember to update Facebook every once in awhile, let alone keep up with two blogs! :P 

So, my nesting instinct has kicked in. I feel like it kicked in early, but maybe not. I have a friend that I went to school with who is pregnant also and she is not as far along as I am and has already bought nursery furniture! Kudos to her! 

The week before last, on a Thursday I believe, I had Jeremy help me rearrange the bedroom and clean it up. We moved the bed from one wall to the other wall and then moved the rest of the stuff in the room around it. I had been cleaning like a fool that day and after doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes and picking up our room, I decided I couldn't stand the bed the way it was, so I HAD to rearrange it! LOL.

The following Monday, I felt that we needed to go ahead and start getting the nursery room ready so that the baby would have somewhere to be when he/she arrives. (which is not for quite awhile, I'm praying!) Anywho...I had Jeremy help me move the bedroom we had just rearranged (which is the smaller of the two bedrooms in our apartment) to the actual master bedroom, which is on the other side of the apartment. :) Only took forever! Of course, he won't let me lift anything so it took even longer because he was basically doing it all by himself. We got our bedroom set up and functional and I proceeded to switch the bathroom stuff that we needed, to the bathroom in the master bedroom.

Needless to say, we didn't get completely done, so the room that is intended for the nursery is still a giant mess because we have more stuff than we know what to do with. Jeremy did, however, get all the baby stuff into the closet in that room and moved all the other junk that was in the closet of the spare room (which used to be the master, but is now our room...confused yet?) to the storage closet. He also shoved all my scrapbooking stuff in there! :( We just have to haul off all the stuff we don't want that we've been trying to donate for several months and then rearrange somewhere to get all the stuff that is not baby-friendly out of the room. Phew! Nesting is hard work! 

That same week, we got a brand-new LG washer and dryer and I am all set to start washing some baby clothes! I can't wait! 

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